Our investment philosophy is simple, firstly we find companies that can grow over time and secondly, we buy them at a good price.


Sinostone Capital provide solutions for the diverse needs of our clients, enabling each individual to structure their finances as efficiently as possible. There are many different ways to grow your wealth: from ensuring you receive the best rates for short-term cash management, to a more complex undertaking of creating an investment portfolio to grow your wealth for the long term.

We can help you make informed decisions about the investment choices that are right for you by assessing your life priorities, goals and attitude towards risk for return.

Any number of changing circumstances could cause your wealth to diminish, some inevitable and some unpredictable – new taxes and legislation, volatile markets, inflation, and changes in your personal life.

Structuring your wealth in a way that minimises the impact of these changes is essential.

By adjusting the asset mix in each investment we have made it simple to find a portfolio that is right for you.

At Sinostone Capital, we believe the preservation and constructive transfer of wealth are primary components of a successful wealth protection strategy. While assets can grow over a lifetime, so can the need to consider a variety of products and services to protect wealth for the future. A forward-looking and integrated wealth protection strategy will help ensure a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.

With numerous options available when structuring and preserving your assets, with our advice you can be confident of making the right decisions based on your financial and family situation to best meet your personal objectives.are on hand to sit down with you and discuss all your requirements and needs. Advice that may prove invaluable when protecting the important things in your life.

We can help you deal with the ‘what ifs’ in life such as illness, injury or even death. By thinking about these things now, you can plan ahead and gain peace of mind that you and your family will be looked after financially.


You can have your own financial plan in three easy steps:

1: Talk to us:

Tell your planner about your needs, dreams and fears. They’re the basis of your personal financial plan to help you to reach your goals. The floor is yours, and your planner is eager to listen.

2: Act together:

You and your advisor will implement your financial plan and you will get updates regularly. Your job is to tell them when your priorities change, or when “life happens,” so they can adjust accordingly and build on your progress to keep your goals in sight.

3: Then relax:

We’re here for you whenever you need us. Call us at any time, for any reason.