You will decide when, where and how you invest your money, and how you receive the benefits


An Individual Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan built specifically for you, where you can make increasing contributions over time to fund a pre-determined retirement amount. This plan can help you retire on your own terms, while also providing significant tax and estate planning benefits.


How much should you save? How much will you need? How can you defer and reduce the taxes you pay before and after retirement? These are just some of the questions your Wealth Management Investment Advisor can help you answer when building you the best-possible retirement plan.


You have spent your life accumulating your assets, and your Investment Advisor can help you ensure these assets are managed the way you intended by helping you create an estate plan that meets your needs, as well as the needs of those you love.

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It’s our job to help you take control of your finances. Using our range of tools and services you can learn the ropes, find the facts and gain the confidence to invest in your future..


Invest in Shares of multiple companies without having to manage each investment.

Investment Trusts are listed companies with Shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. They invest in other companies’ Shares, as well as property, fixed-interest securities and unquoted securities.

Trusts have a board of directors who look after shareholder interests, and professional Fund Managers who look after each individual investment on your behalf.

They’re a popular choice because they tend to have competitive fees, and can sometimes trade at a discount to its net asset value. Like Shares, they are traded during stock market hours.

However, it’s essential to know if Investment Trusts are the right option for you before you commit to anything.


Low-cost and liquid, Exchange Traded Funds let you widen your range of investments and take your financial fluency to the next level.

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, are a low cost and easily traded way to broaden your investment portfolio and achieve your goals. Like Investment Trusts, they invest in other securities or assets but have greater transparency because they declare their holdings daily.

Just like ordinary Stocks and Shares they’re bought and sold during normal trading hours. ETFs typically track the performance of a particular index of stocks, like the FTSE 100, and replicate it by investing in the same assets at the same proportions. The price of an ETF moves with the underlying equity index it’s designed to track.

They can get a bit complex. Some ETFs can be ’physical’, where the constituents are actually bought, some can be ‘synthetic’ and use derivatives, and some can be a mix of both.