Everything we do is driven by an unwavering dedication to building your wealth and achieving the legacy and life you envision.


Working across all asset classes and supported by a team of world class Portfolio Managers with access to local market intelligence across the globe, our Investment Advisors can help you build an investment portfolio that can grow and change with you and your goals at every stage of your life.

Once you have determined your investor profile and prioritised your current and future financial goals, a Sinostone Capital Wealth Management Investment Advisor will work with you to develop a relationship based on trust and transparency and recommend the solutions that will help ensure you make the most of your investments.

Our Investment Advisors benefit from local access to a global network of ideas and opportunities and where appropriate, will work with clients to participate in early-stage funding of these companies. Investing in entrepreneurial thinkers is a key point of differentiation and one we are proud to support.

Unique Tailored Financial solutions to meet
your goals.


An Individual Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan built specifically for you, where you can make increasing contributions over time to fund a pre-determined retirement amount. This plan can help you retire on your own terms, while also providing significant tax and estate planning benefits.


How much should you save? How much will you need? How can you defer and reduce the taxes you pay before and after retirement? These are just some of the questions your Wealth Management Investment Advisor can help you answer when building you the best-possible retirement plan.


You have spent your life accumulating your assets, and your Investment Advisor can help you ensure these assets are managed the way you intended by helping you create an estate plan that meets your needs, as well as the needs of those you love.


A structured investment program will vary depending on the risk tolerance of the individual investor. Structured products involve various exposures to fixed income markets and various derivatives. This is why structured investment programs are specifically created to meet the investors needs.

Conservative investors will have a higher exposure to the fixed income markets, whilst risk-tolerant investors will have a higher exposure to derivatives and equities. Structured Investments are often used as an alternative to a direct investment or to allocate assets in a portfolio against risk exposure.

We have a deeply embedded culture of service and client centricity. Our team is committed to growing our clients’ wealth and enabling them to live better lives.

Our investment approach is hands-on and straightforward. We rely on our own first-hand research, we trust our instincts and we learn from our years of experience in order to create the very best investment portfolios for you.