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Our advisers have over 100 years of combined experience in helping clients navigate complex financial markets. From the very beginning Sinostone Capital has evolved primarily through client recommendations.

Taking advice can be a daunting process, whether you are looking to take financial advice for the first time or you’ve taken financial advice in the past. Finances often take a low priority for many people because they are complex, but at Sinostone Capital our clients appreciate our ability to make the financial advice process both simple and enjoyable.

Based in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, at Sinostone Capital, we provide financial advice to individuals at all stages of their financial planning cycle.

Whether you are assessing your finances for the first time or you want to know more about your retirement options, Sinostone Capital are able to help, wherever you are in the world. We also understand that you may have limited time available, therefore we offer telephone and email advice to suit your needs.

Sinostone Capital has been built based on honesty, reliability and an excellent service. Many of our clients have personally trusted us for over 10 years, and throughout this period we’ve developed many good friendships.

At Sinostone Capital, we ask the questions, look into your future, give straightforward advice and find the right financial solutions for you. This is achieved by:

  • Identifying your short, medium and long-term financial planning goals
  • Clarifying precisely what you want from life
  • Making easy-to-understand product and investment recommendations
  • Adjusting your plan during significant life changes and at regular reviews

The foundation of the service we provide to our clients is built on developing a long-term relationship that enables us over time to recommend the appropriate adjustments required to our clients’ financial planning strategy as events inevitably change.

Our approach is simple: we aim to create strategies and structures that enable our clients to protect their wealth and attain financial independence, giving the financial freedom to eventually work through choice and not necessity.

We have a wealth of experience in the areas of financial planning and wealth management and provides clients with a comprehensive service designed to create a bespoke financial planning strategy.

We provide business owners with corporate financial planning advice in addition to looking after their own personal financial affairs. We work in conjunction with other professional advisers that assist our clients’ businesses, including accountants or solicitors.

Sinostone Capital have the expertise to help business owners develop a robust financial planning strategy that includes the provision for pension planning through to business protection and commercial insurance. It could simply be a case of reviewing, strengthening or streamlining your existing requirements, or it may be time to introduce a whole new set of employee benefits.

You may want to empower and reward your employees by allowing them the flexibility of being able to choose their own employee packages from a range of options you set. From straightforward life cover to complex pension planning, we can help make the process as pain-free as possible.

In today’s world of tight budgets and timescales, we will work with you to organise a simple, well-organised and headache-free package of benefits for your employees.

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